An inspirational short film series about people with typical day jobs

but some unexpected passion outside of work that they live for.





By day they are your co-workers and servers. By night they are rockstars in their own domain. A 76-year-old farmer who tears it up at the local speedway. A piercer in a tattoo parlor who rocks the Roller Derby circuit. An assembly line worker who dominates at underground hip hop dance battles. Their goal is not to “make it” but simply to have a few moments in a week where they can leave their other lives behind, bring time to a standstill, and do what they love.

Each mini-episode dives into the life of a different character and a different subculture, contrasting the two aspects of their lives, and exploring both the 'what' of their unusual pursuit and most importantly the 'why'. In a society driven by money why would they spend countless hours on an obsession with no obvious payoff? What do they find in it that they can't get in their other life? And what can our work obsessed culture learn from them?

More than a series, this is a movement to inspire people  to dig their own pastimes out of the closet or pick up new ones and live richer, more engaged lives. #findyourshine

Director's Statement

After finishing a feature documentary last year, I sat down to brainstorm new film ideas and noticed that several stories I was pursuing were following this same pattern of people pursuing their passions on the side.  I realized that they resonated with me because I too long for something more in my life - another passion outside of filmmaking to complete me. 

As we work longer and longer hours, too many of us have passions postponed, delayed, and forgotten. Yet as I dug deeper, I learned that study after study has documented the importance of serious pastimes. They recharge our bodies and minds, alleviate stress, boost creativity, promote long term happiness, and in turn energize every aspect of our lives. This campaign is a call for everyone to pursue their passions in whatever ways they can. 



If you have a career as well as a completely unrelated side passion that you are deeply committed to and good at, we want to hear about it. And if you know someone else who matches that description let us know as well! We have already filmed a 76-year-old farmer who tears it up at the local speedway; a piercer in a tattoo parlor who is a top Roller Derby athlete; as well as a nursing assistant who dominates at underground hip hop dance battles. 

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Kevin Gordon / Director and Producer

Matt Clark / Director of Photography

Laura Green / Editor

Sean Gillane / Editor

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